Joel Weingarten

Joel has significant career experience in construction project management, energy management, and the infrastructure and facilities industry. Under his project management and construction management leadership, new projects were successfully conceived, funded, constructed, and utilized.

Construction Management, Project Management, and Owners Representative:
Project Feasibility studies and analysis including EIR/Geotech coordination.
Project planning, scheduling, A/E/C team coordination, phasing and strategy.
Cost Reviews and Progress Reviews for the financial services industry.
Project estimating, subcontracting, bidding.
Value Engineering.
Permitting and Public Entitlements.
Financing (loan applications, progress payment documentation).
Construction Management (field supervision, subcontractor management, quality.
Owner's Representative.
Project Accounting.
Project Closeout and Acceptance.
LEED certification and energy efficient design.

Project Types:

Requiring EIRs and geotechnical fault investigations with peer review.
Involving wetlands and coordination with US ACE, US DFG, and CAL FWS.
Requiring difficult zoning approvals and subdivisions on steep hillsides.
Requiring major earthwork, retaining walls, and road & utility infrastructure.
Residential, Commercial, Institutional, including shopping centers, hospitals and schools.
Hi-rise buildings and podium construction in urban areas.
Military and Airport.



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