Roger M. Ferry

Roger started his career in the construction industry in 1969 while a student at Princeton University, where he graduated with a BSCE in  Civil, Systems and Geological Engineering in 1972 specializing in soils  and structures. Initially, he interned with the Davis Partnership  Architects in Denver, CO; on hospital projects, with the City of Newark, NJ in urban engineering, and subsequently worked as a Project Engineer  for the Carl Olson Construction Co. in Denver and Summit County, Colo.,  constructing industrial buildings and a major ski area. From 1974 to  1976, he was cost engineer for CM Associates and the Petry CM joint  venture in Denver and Houston, building schools, biology and medical  facilities, solar energy projects, and Middle East military facilities. From 1977 to 1981, he rose from Project Engineer to Project Developer  at the Al Cohen Construction Cos. in Denver and Los Angeles, building  corporate facilities and high rises. In the early 1980s, he was  marketing and preconstruction project manager for commercial  construction projects in the San Francisco Bay Area with the Carl W.  Swenson Co. and in 1985 moved to San Diego, working with Snyder Langston Builders, The Hooberman Group, Tishman West, and Robert E. Bayley  Construction Co., Seattle while attending MBA programs.

After starting the Environmental Risk Group at First Interstate Bank in Los  Angeles in 1988, he managed environmental aspects of REO Properties with the Robert M. Bass division of American Savings during the Resolution  Trust (RTC) crisis. Roger eventually joined Bank of Americas  Environmental Services Department, where he worked for ten years as  assistant manager of the credit division supporting risk and liability  decisions in worldwide real estate, project finance, and  merger/acquisition due diligence. In 2002, Roger returned to the local  financial side of land development and commercial, retail, multi-family, and not-for-profit construction, joining to build PACS, Inc. services  in San Diego.

Roger has wide ranging experience on all types of projects for government  entities and for clients financed by construction lenders, equity  partnerships and mortgage companies. These include office park and  tract land development, multifamily residential and hotels, offices,  tenant improvements, industrial projects, adaptive re-use conversions,  condominium conversions, and specialty projects such as ski areas, ice  arenas, stadiums, schools, technology fitups, etc. Roger has also  provided fee based development services, professional estimating  services and construction management services to clients, including  foreclosure workout and completion of projects for sale.

Roger has the following California licenses:
  • Contractors Class B License
  • Real Estate Sales License



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